IDEAL Electrical Equipment Inc
Specializing in precision sheet metal parts for the needs of  the Servers, Cabinets, Network Box, Console, ect .
We place the highest value on customer relationships. Through an atmosphere of respect and cooperation,
USM seeks to earn the confidence of our customers with high quality products, active participation in the entire manufacturing process, and in taking the initiative to continually find better ways to meet our customers’ needs.
We consider ourselves partners in ensuring our customers’ success.
Customer satisfaction is our highest goal. In order to meet our customers’ demands, we commit ourselves to providing them with the best possible service.
Quality is the most important principle guiding our work. In our production process, we employ a sophisticated quality control and audit system. Our professional quality assurance staff is dedicated to monitoring project quality.
Through our many years of experience, we have had the opportunity to win the deep trust and respect of our customers because of our commitment to quality.
From R&D and prototype design to mass production, Ideal electrical equipment, Inc. has taken an innovative approach to our growth and progress. Bolstered by a strong R&D team, Taking a broad view of the present, we also look beyond to the changing face of industry. Utilizing the innovations of science and technology, we have built a company geared towards success today and in the future.
Ideal electrical equipment, Inc. maintains comprehensive, versatile, state-of-the-art global production facilities in China. Our factories and experienced production staff are capable of manufacturing the most quality critical sheet metal components and assemblies in the industry. Our capabilities will undoubtedly meet the range of your production needs of prototype modeling, through low to high volume production runs requiring manufacturing cells and continuous flow production. Product configurations are achievable from small complex parts, large frame cabinets, intricate chassis and full value-add services capable of offering complete assemblies. Take advantage of our industry experience and value-added services that are meant to serve as a solitary solution for any or all of manufacturing challenges.
Ideal electrical equipment, Inc. will continue to enhance our competitive advantages through a position of strength, innovation, and partnership with our customers.
It is our hope that you will consider us your partner in the manufacturing process.
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